Friday, 10 October 2014

Evan Designs

Yet another great vendor in the mini world - Evan Designs.  Don't be misled by its trainyness and think its not for you - their lighting certainly is and if you go on a good rummage around the rest of the site you will certainly find other stuff of interest.  (Take care with the name - I keep typing Evans rather than Evan but maybe that's my Welsh ancestry kicking in).

I faffed around with my order - emails back and forth - and they were speedy, patient, informative, helpful everything you could want.  This was followed by a very fast delivery of the order and a great discount as I bought quite a lot.

click picture to enlarge

I have sixty 3 volts DC LEDs in warm white and chip size BUT I have extra long wires (14") as the Gate House needs quite a length to wander stuff hither and yon.  Along with this are six 3V Battery Holder/Switches (with the coin cell batteries needed).  Each battery will take about ten lights, hence the six and sixty.

I also have a code for 15% off my next $30 order and if it is over $40 it comes with free shipping - all round good eggs at Evan Designs.

The most helpful thing of all, believe it or believe not, is a brilliant strip across the bottom of the enclosed leaflet showing the range and sizes of LEDs from 5mm down to 1.25mm.  There are two more sizes smaller than Chip - Nano (1.8mm) and Pico (1.25mm).  I am already stewing on how they can be used in quarter scale.

Theoretically this order should keep me going for the next twenty years; enough for six more projects (at 69 that may be a bit optimistic) but I am, already thinking I could do this or that if I use the teeny, weeny bulbs.  If I do come to any conclusions I know where to buy them from, even if I am back in the UK.  Such a great vendor.

If you click on the link I attached to their name it will take you to the lighting section but if you click here Lights for Minis it takes you to a page loaded with instructions not to mention additional purchasing temptation such as Fire!!  Yup, I'm gonna have to go back.

There are also links to some great (simple, as in clear) how-to videos if you are feeling nervy about having a go.  There is a FAQs section too which I am pretty sure will cover anything else.  All in all Evan designs is a one-stop-mini-lighting shop, especially useful for 48ths.

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