Thursday, 2 October 2014

Bedside Lamps

This is a pair of bedside lamps from Petworth Miniatures.  $4 for one.

Once you have made them you can see how you can make a ton more from various findings but, that said, it is so much easier to just get what you want in a little packet - saves all that traipsing around trying to find this and that.

I suppose it depends on what sort of quarter-scaler you are.  If you know this is a life-time's hobby with a zillion more projects to do, then it makes sense to gather a huge stock of stuff.  I am more of a one-build-at-a-time person (right now) or, as it has turned out, two at a time; so I don't feel the urge to buy enough bits to make a dozen similar lamps .....   yet!
Aren't they sweet?  Perfect scale too.

wonky lid not wonky lamps

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