Friday, 31 October 2014

Lighting - Evan update

Just an update from Evan Designs about the lighting.  Don't forget if I can help just ask.  Haven't done much lighting yet in this scale but think I have it sussed thanks to Evan Designs who decidedly went above and beyond.......

So you need an adapter with a switch, it is there now....

And red and black wire are here

I also ordered in some "quick change up" units, for those who see the need to swap between adapter and battery.  Like when you want to show off your beautiful creation, say at a club meeting or show and a wall plug is not handy.  I go over that on this page (scroll down for the pictures) but to make it easier, I am having some AA holders made with a pin connector female already part of them.  And some power jacks also with pin connector female.  Then, if you hook the leads coming from the various floors to a male pin connector,  you can quickly plug or unplug from either supply.
I ordered them today so they are likely coming in about 10 days. 

PS:  If you are in the UK and want to shop nearer home - this is your lady:

Jennifer Smith's small scale lights

Get out all the lights you can - it is Hallowe'en!

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